About Me

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👋 Hello! I'm a Software Engineer based in Colorado, USA. I love solving puzzles and building useful tools. I specialize in web development across the stack. I'm always learning about new technologies and trying to build things with them. You can read more about my experience below or learn something by checking out my devblog.



Data visualization startup building browser-based computational notebook platform
Software Developer 2022-2023
Observable logo
  • Implemented file attachment storage using private AWS S3 buckets
  • Converted search to Elasticsearch, improving search speeds by up to 50%
  • Added OpenAI based coding copilot with external knowledge sources (using retrieval augmented generation)
  • Updated fundamental notebook editing interface, decreasing time-to-first-visualization to less than a minute
  • Automated deployment of containerized applications to Azure, Heroku, using custom GitHub Actions
  • Migrated marketing pages to headless CMS, eliminating the need for PRs to make copy changes
  • Created unit and integration tests using Playwright, Cypress, Mocha, and Jest
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Node
  • PostgreSQL

S&P Global

Leading provider of SaaS-based market data and investment analysis tools
Software Engineer 2020-2022
S&P Global logo
  • Built interactive JavaScript/HTML Canvas charting library and .NET based on-demand chart image application used by multiple Fortune 500 companies
  • Created interactive playground for prototyping chart configurations, allowing teams to build a chart in minutes
  • Developed sites to demonstrate capabilities of charting libraries using frontend frameworks, including Vue, React, and jQuery
  • Built custom CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins
  • Created performant library bundles using Rollup
  • Expanded automated testing coverage, using Jest
  • Interfaced with internal and external customers to provide technical support
  • JavaScript
  • Vue
  • Jenkins
  • React

Zachry Engineering

Full-service engineering for multi-billion dollar industrial facilities
Mechanical Engineer 2011-2020
Zachry Engineering logo
  • Developed Visual Basic pneumatic testing exclusion zone calculator which reduced calculation time by 40%
  • Served as Lead Mechanical Engineer on power plant project proposals
  • Supervised generation of all equipment specifications and mechanical design drawings
  • Certified piping designs for stress and wall-thickness calculations as Professional Engineer


Industrial manufacturing of PET and HDPE beverage containers
Design Engineer 2007-2010
Ball logo
  • Designed beverage containers to customer specifications using SolidWorks
  • Created custom SolidWorks add-ins using Visual Basic and C# to automate capacity calculations, reducing overall calculation time by 30%
  • C#/.NET
  • SolidWorks


D3 Tester

A tool that lets users test out configurations of the latest D3 modules. This includes the following modules: d3-format, d3-time-format.
D3 Tester screenshot
  • JavaScript
  • Vue
  • Node

Pocket Casts Dark Blue Theme

This is a dark blue theme with orange accents for the Pocket Casts web player. It's built using LESS and compiled to a single style. This user style can be installed using the Stylus browser extension.
Pocket Casts Dark Blue Theme screenshot
  • CSS
  • LESS
  • Stylus

Quiz Builder

Quiz Builder is a site that helps you create simple multiple choice quizzes and share them with your friends. Each quiz can have up to 20 questions and each question can have up to 8 answer choices. It's built using Node/Express/PostgreSQL for the backend and React for the frontend and includes authentication using JSON web tokens. The backend is offline due to Heroku platform changes.
Quiz Builder screenshot
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker is an easy to use budgeting app that helps one keep track of their expenses and see trends over time. It's built using Node/Express/PostgreSQL for the backend and React for the frontend and includes authentication using JSON web tokens. The backend is offline due to Heroku platform changes.
Expense Tracker screenshot
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node

Down The Tubes

Down The Tubes is a site designed to help you find old YouTube videos that you posted on your blog. Just enter your blog address and see what comes up.
Down The Tubes screenshot
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Node

Markdown Previewer

Markdown Previewer allows you to enter markdown in the left pane and shows you a preview of the corresponding HTML in the right pane. It's styled using Bootstrap (via Bootstrap Vue) and compiles the markdown using Marked.
Markdown Previewer screenshot
  • JavaScript
  • Vue